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Stages of Landscaping

There are multiple stages of professional landscaping, in this article you will get know the stages in details.

Stages of gardening:

  • Planting trees, coniferous and deciduous shrubs (with a lump, without a coma, container technology);
  • Arrangement of flower beds. There are the following categories of flower beds:

Border – a flower garden about 30 cm wide is applicable for bordering. Arrangement of flower bed sIt can exist both independently and be part of the stalls or mix borders. More often it is mono cultural.

Rabatka is a regular flower garden with a rectangular shape. The width is 0.5-3m. In the rabatki most often planted one or two – summer plants.

FlowerbedIs a stationary flower garden, the edges of which are lined with waterproof material (for example, tiles). It is used exclusively in the regular garden (in the landscape it cannot be). Traditionally, the circular shape of the flowerbed is used, but other geometric shapes are also possible. For the flower beds they use either beautifully flowering summer or planted indoor plants for the summer.

Mixboarder is a free landscape design that accompanies an architectural structure or path. The width of the mixboard is 2.5 – 3 m. The mixboarder is planted with a variety of perennial plants that provide continuous flowering.

The following types of lawns are distinguished,

Ground lawns isthe most ceremonial of all lawns. They have a perfectly even appearance. The height of such lawns should not exceed 12-15 cm. They are usually used as background for trees, flowers and topiary compositions.

Ordinary garden lawns make up the largest part of the grassy cover of gardens and parks. These are lawns not so strict regularity as the ground floor. They are also shearers, but the choice of cereals for their device is more free. The main requirements for ordinary lawns are, first of all, resistance to mechanical damage, durability, decorative, shade-endurance. To enhance the decorative effect in the spring, they can be “tinted” finely by onion plants.

Meadow lawns are applied for sites where the constant mowing of a grass is not provided. It is better not to use such lawns in small areas.

Sports lawns are designed for sporting events and are arranged on football fields, courts, golf playgrounds. These types of lawns must have a saddle of increased strength and be resistant to mechanical damage, to resist vertical punctures and tears.

Moorish or flowering lawns – lawns, saturated with flowering plants. Typically, these lawns are very fragrant. Used for the “rural garden”. It can be used in small gardens.

Rolled lawns- this is a ready-made herbal covering, laid on a specially prepared basis. They are used in a situation where it is necessary to quickly achieve a decorative effect.

Perfect Waste Management for Your Requirement Now

In here they do not know how to make money on garbage. Although, judging by the tightness of this topic in the press, the processing of solid domestic waste is almost a separate national project. There are three main ways of recycling household waste: burial, incineration and processing.

The First Version

The most technically simple first version says a lot. The traditional way of disposal of solid domestic waste in here is the burial in landfills, in simple words, dumps. Load of polygons in Russia today is at the level of 70-90%. This is a disaster not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view. The premise of this approach is simple: there is a lot of land in the country, why build expensive plants for processing or incineration, it is much easier and cheaper to take garbage to a landfill.

The Proper Recycling

Recycling of garbage is not quite suitable for the domestic mentality method, because you need to sort the garbage even at the stage of its arrival at the landfill. The right options for the proper waste management services are important now.

  • Since the end of the zero years, separate collection of garbage has been practiced. Experience was recognized as negative. Now there is no legislative base and practice of application of such laws in order to stimulate the population to separate collection of garbage. The European practice is known when for the utilization of mixed garbage the homeowner is billed an order of magnitude greater than for a separate one.
  • By the way, the “vaccination” of the propensity to separate collection of garbage, without which the profitability of processing becomes negative, passed on the fertile German, Swiss and Scandinavian soil for 20-25 years. And in more temperamental countries (France, Italyand the countries of Eastern Europe) has not taken root completely and still.

According to the current domestic standards, the presence of organic waste in organic waste (food, bio waste, etc.) automatically makes the whole lot of garbage “inseminated biological material”, which entails control during processing, total disinfection, increased levels of protection for workers and so Further.

The Most Appropriate Option

The most appropriate technological and economic direction of processing is the incineration of solid waste. However, around the topic of burning garbage there are so many myths that it is absolutely impossible to understand where reality is, and where fiction is.

There are three sources of information on this issue: officials, scientists and environmentalists. The first of them think in their templates, they live a separate reality. The latter operate with formulas and references to foreign publications, but they do not know how to count money. The latter are extremely emotional, but often ignorant in everything that concerns the technical and economic side of the matter.

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