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What are the Ways Your Mattress Can Ruin Your Sleep and Health


Oftentimes people tend to overlook the importance of having a good mattress to sleep on. How so? Either they know that they need a change of their mattress but are trying to extend its lifespan or they know zero knowledge about its importance, whether you belong in the first category or the latter you should hear this out—mattress can ruin your sleep and health.


Surprising? Mattresses are what we sleep on, which according to the International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, you spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping—which just shows that your mattress also shares one-third of your life. Curious as to how mattresses wreak havoc on your sleep and health? Here’s how.

It Could Contribute to Back Pain

Adequate spine support is simply non-negotiable when it comes to your mattress since that is the main function of a mattress aside from being comfortable. Since your spine is made up of interlocking bones called vertebrae it has some natural curves in it—and you would want to sleep in a way that supports those natural curves because any force on your spine, may it be due to excessively soft or saggy mattress, could put pressure on your backbone.


David Rapoport M.D., the director of research in integrative sleep medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, stated that when your back sags, your spine gets bent which can lead to discomfort. Due to this, the lower back pain became very common which estimates a percentage of 80 in adults.


So, how will you know if your mattress is making a contribution to your back pain? Just by simply waking up being sore and having pain around your back’s area is already a telltale sign. This could be a sign that it’s time to buy a new mattress, to know which one would suit you perfectly, search for mattress reviews online or gain information through researching to save time.

Allergies Triggered by Dust Mites

Constant coughing and sneezing, red itchy eyes, and itchy skin are one of the symptoms of dust-mite allergy. The common allergy, which is living in your mattress is the microscopic dust mites which live in a humid and warm environment full of dust—your mattress, in short.


Sounds icky that you would want to clean your mattress immediately right? However, unfortunately, ordinary vacuum cleaners are not able to get rid of dust mites along with visible dust so you need special cleaning just to get rid of those dust mites or just invest in an allergy-free mattress protector.

It Could Interrupt Your Sleep through Night Sweats

Have you woken up in the middle of the night feeling like you are swimming in your own pool of sweat? There are a few different factors that lead to night sweats like taking medications, but sometimes, there’s no medical involvement for getting super sweaty at night—it’s just that it is too warm while sleeping, maybe because of their mattress.


If a mattress is made from a material that cradles the body—like a dense foam, then surely the heat released from your body during sleep will be trapped which then leads to excessive heat retention and sweating. You might be able to fix this kind of issue by wearing breathable pajama fabrics or just opt mattresses that contain cooling gel to keep you from overheat at night. Look for mattress reviews about mattress with cooling gel to get the best mattress for you.


Mattresses might still be overlooked by some people, but always remember that it is the furniture that we use the most throughout our lifetime which is why there should be no if’s and buts’ in choosing the best mattress for you and your family. If you are out to look for picking out a mattress then use the internet to your advantage by reading up some mattress reviews to gain information and to save time without exerting much effort.

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