Buying a New Mattress

It seems you can’t watch TV or visit Facebook without a company or shop trying to sell you a bed or mattress. The apparently limitless choices when buying a new mattress can be daunting.

This is even more an issue if you have back or neck pain, as choosing the wrong mattress can make all the difference between feeling good or being in pain.

The Best Fillings for Mattresses

There are a number of different materials used to make mattresses, so the best mattress to buy is really up to individual taste. Mattresses have come a long way from the compressed cotton-filled models of old, and even further from the straw-filled idea of mediaeval times! One of the best mattress filling inventions of modern times is the memory foam mattress, which is designed to recognize the individual’s body heat and pressure points, and to adjust accordingly; even when two bodies of totally different shape, size and temperature share the same bed. This innovative idea is becoming increasingly popular, although there are still people who prefer a spring-filled mattress just because that is what they have become used to. One extremely new idea is for an air mattress; based on the idea of inflatable mattresses for camping and other outdoor activities, but designed from materials comfortable enough to sleep on every night, and with unique air chambers to ensure an even surface.

How to Choose the Best Mattress

The question of how to choose the best mattress depends of course upon individual preferences, but there are a number of new materials which are designed to give optimum support and comfort and which rank very highly on many best mattress reviews. Latex foam is designed to give support and some have special layers to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter; keeping body temperatures at an optimum and aiding restful sleep. Memory foam is one of the best mattress design ideas in recent years and has the unique ability to adjust to each individual body shape, size and temperature, even when there are two people sharing the same mattress. There are a number of mattress review sites online which should help you to choose the best mattress for your needs and tastes. We spend more time on our beds than on any other piece of furniture, so it is vital to find the best option for maximum comfort.

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